​​Your Recycling Solution


Plastic Rescue Inc. manages and recycles a variety of materials including:

PLASTIC                                              SCRAP METAL                              PAPER

Crates                                                    Steel                                                   Cardboard

Warehouse Film                              Tin                                                      White Stock

Vinyl Window Profiles                  Copper                                              Mixed Office


​Vinyl Siding                                        Aluminum

Car Bumpers (TPO)                         Stainless Steel                                     

Acrylic Signs                                      Brass

Polycarbonate Skylights               

.....And More.  

We also offer grinding, baling and brokering services.

We are always searching for new markets for different items and materials so don't hesitate to contact us about anything you are trying to recycle.  We like a challenge.

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Plastic Rescue Inc.